Site Registration

Registration on this site is required in order to enroll in The Preparedness Program courses. Different types of memberships are available and explained in the membership catalog. The type of membership determines the course fee.

Course Access

Enrollment in a particular course provides access to that course’s lessons upon release of that course. After the course begins, some courses will provide immediate access to all lessons, while other courses will provide access to certain lessons over time. Once enrolled, your access to lessons starts the time period of your membership plan.

Course Tracks

Course Tracks are particular courses grouped together to achieve distinct educational objectives. This course catalog lists courses by the Preparedness Program’s certification objectives. Some courses and tracks require prerequisites.

Recommended Progression

The recommended method for progressing through the course catalog is to complete all the required courses for each Level before advancing to the next Level. However, prerequisites allow enrollment in advanced courses from one level to another upon completion of first level courses. For example, once Level 1 Core track is completed, enrollment is permitted in Level 1 Tactical, as well as, Level 2 Introductory.

Course materials are added daily to expand the catalog to match the Preparedness Program’s certification requirements.

Level 1 Courses

Level 1 Courses prepares an individual adult for Level 1 Disruptive Events.

Level 2 Courses

Level 2 Courses prepares several adults to be prepared as a family for Level 2 Disruptive Events.

Fast Track Courses

Fast Track Courses provide an accelerated program to be prepared for a specific type of disastrous event.